Job - hunting tips

Taking part in a selection process calls for careful preparation. Here are a few tips on how to land a job. When you’re being interviewed, you’ll need to display your capacity and suitability for the post, as well as your personal attitude. Show confidence, sincerity and, above all, an optimistic outlook. This section provides a little advice on how to improve your job search, plus a few practical ideas aimed at getting you through the selection process successfully.

Make job search your job (I)

Job search is a process that is a profession itself: it requires discipline, commitment and establishing professional contacts. This is because the most required skills by companies when selecting their candidates are precisely the same skills needed to organize a succesful job search. Skills such as communication, organization, digital environment knowledge, creativity and analytical skills are the […]

Do you know what blended learning is?

New technologies have impacted directly on learning methods, it is something that is beyond doubt. The way we study, we learn or make use of teaching resources available to us has nothing to do with the methodology that was used twenty years ago. Today, classroom training, the most common and still predominant, is sometimes combined with […]

Technical tips for improving your profile photo

The tips we have seen in the previous post, on how to improve your photo in your CV, are all very well, but pointless if you, or the person holding the camera, don’t know how to take a photo. Here are some recommendations that will help you if you have some ability with your camera: […]

How to improve your profile photo

They say we are neither as ugly as our passport photos, nor as handsome or beautiful as our mothers and grandmothers would like us to think. Whatever the case, although we know that photos are not everything in life, they are an important factor when looking for work, reflecting who we are and inspiring, or […]

Tips to improve your CV (II)

Here is the second release of the tips to improve your resume. You can also read the first part we recently published in this blog: 6. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Adding your personal tastes, hobbies, etc. is not recommended unless they can clearly mean a benefit. That is, if you want to work in a company where you know […]

Tips to improve your CV (I)

What should be our presentation card when introducing ourselves to the companies is often one of our greatest enemies. Usually, the human resources departments have a limited time for all the amount of curriculum vitae they receive, so the first to be discarded will be those that do not provide the information, in content and shape, that businesses […]

Sharpen your basic skills (III): Organisation and Planning

“It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is to use it well” – René Descartes This week we continue with a new basic skill: organisation and planning. If we were to point out where mistakes and failures originate in many projects, it would not so much be about poorly-defined objectives […]

Train your baseline skills (II): Achieving Results

“If you expect different results, don’t do the same thing over and over again”, Albert Einstein A few weeks ago we began a series of posts to approach some of the most in-demand baseline skills for recruitment processes. In that case we discussed Teamwork. We’re continuing this series of episodes by talking about “Achieving results” […]

Six tips during a job interview

If you have an interview soon, we recommend the reading of these “6 Tips during a job interview” 1. Let the interviewer take the initiative. Listen carefully and take (a short) time to respond 2. Do not interrupt pointlessly. 3. Convey interest and enthusiasm for the company and the offer. 4. Express yourself clearly and […]

Train your core skills (I): Teamwork

“Strength lies in differences, not in similarities” Stephen Covey. There has recently been much talk about new key skills that will come into play with the digital economy and in an increasingly global market. Digital connectivity and communication, digital working and leadership, social intelligence, adaptive thinking, virtual collaboration and cognitive management are just some of […]