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Tips to improve your CV (II)

Here is the second release of the tips to improve your resume. You can also read the first part we recently published in this blog:

6. PERSONAL INFORMATION. Adding your personal tastes, hobbies, etc. is not recommended unless they can clearly mean a benefit. That is, if you want to work in a company where you know for sure that there is widespread taste for sport and you are an athlete, it is something that may help you. Otherwise, knowing that you like movies but hate rainy Sundays is not relevant to future employer.

7. CONSTANT UPDATE. The CV is not a document set in stone. Check it frequently, add or remove data depending on how your career and your training evolves, update, upgrade or adapt aspects … This way you will be familiar with it and will be a useful tool.

Consejos para mejorar tu CV (II)

8. CONTACT. Writing your full address does not add any value, but  it does writing the city where you live if it’s the same city as the company. If it is a big city, you can also include the district or neighborhood. Regarding the other address, the email, always provide a formal one, with your name and surname and not that funny nickname by which your friends used to know you in college. This can be a good place to include a link to your LinkedIn profile so they can easily find your references.

9. FORGET ABOUT MICROSOFT WORD. A long ago we surpassed the presentation by hand or typewriter, so is with Microsoft Word. If you send your CV online, which is most likely, convert it to PDF. You will not run the risk that the receiver has a different Office version and format mismatch, and it will also take him less time to open, something that he  or she will surely appreciate.

10. PUT YOURSELF IN THE COMPANY’S PLACE. To summarize all the above tips, the most useful is to put in the place of the person who will read your resume. If you received your CV and had to approve it or reject it, what kind of data you think are expendable? Would your CV really pass your filter? When the honest answer to this question is “yes”, you’ll be closer to your goal.

Tips to improve your CV (I)

What should be our presentation card when introducing ourselves to the companies is often one of our greatest enemies. Usually, the human resources departments have a limited time for all the amount of curriculum vitae they receive, so the first to be discarded will be those that do not provide the information, in content and shape, that businesses expect.

To convert the CV into an ally to help us go through all filters satisfactorily there are some simple guidelines that can open many doors for us and put us in an advantageous position against other candidates:


1. PROPER EXTENSION: Before we start reading, what catches our eye is the amount of information. Don’t write three pages if you can write two and don’t write two if you can write one. Lighten the weight by telling only what is important. It is assumed that you know how to surf the Internet, omit it.

2. ADJUST THE CV: Find out about the company you want to work in and highlight those aspects of your training and experience that are more consistent with their activity. If you decide to promote all content alike, the feeling will be that you have spammed with the same document dozens of companies to try your luck.

3. MANDATORY REVIEW: It should not be something to warn about, but unfortunately resumes with spelling mistakes, syntactical errors, repetition of words or phrases… arrive everyday to the human resources departments. When you have finished writing it, review it several times. And when you’re done reviewing it several times, check it once again.

4. DO NOT LIE: It is a commonly accepted action, but in the long run is negative. If thanks to your “little lies” you pass the filter and reach a personal interview, not only you will be exposed, but it is very likely that from that moment you are banned in that company.

5. THE IMPORTANCE OF PHOTO: If you choose to include a photo, make sure it’s formal, not a cut from night party pic. It is also important to use a recent image, so attempt to change it from time to time when you update your resume.

In the next post we will offer another five tips to improve your resume.

En la próxima entrada te ofreceremos otros cinco consejos para mejorar tu currículum vitae.