Using social media for job-seeking

redes[1]They might seem like magic, but they certainly can’t work miracles; even so, they have the ability to position people within their sector and specialty. Social networks have been around for a while, but thanks to recent technological developments it is now easier than ever to meet people and develop connections, especially between people who share common interests.

How can social networks help you to find a job?

  1. Create your profile on the main professional networks (Linked IN, Xing, Viadeo) and add to your contacts. This way, your profile will be available for employers and intermediaries who are on the lookout for someone like you. (Bear in mind that many of these networks allow you to upload your CV/resume in more than one language).
  2. Be cautious on the internet. What results are obtained by searching your name on the Internet? Avoid publishing content that you would not like to be seen by prospective employers. Select the settings that ensure maximum privacy (particularly when it comes to photos), but be aware of the footprint that you are leaving on the Internet. You are primarily responsible for the information that concerns you. Be consistent.
  3. Networking. You have created your profiles – now you can engage in the networking that was previously limited to physical professional events and forums. There are several discussion groups wide open where you can participate, meet other colleagues and receive opportunities for collaboration.

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